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Please review our frequently asked questions below for answers to standard questions we are asked.  Should you have additional questions, please contact us or bring a list to your regularly scheduled appointment.

Your Pregnancy

How much calcium should I have daily while pregnant?

1200 mg per day. You will need to supplement if you are allergic to milk products and may be found in
Prenatal Vitamins or diet.

should i take an iron supplement while pregnant?

According to the CDC, you should start taking a low-dose iron supplement (30 mg a day) when you have your first prenatal appointment. In most cases, you will get this amount of iron in your prenatal vitamin. For women with anemia, your physician will consult with you as to the best dosage.

How much weight gain should I expect while pregnant?

Weight gain can vary depending on the individual, and their body mass index prior to pregnancy.  In most cases, it ranges from 20-30 lbs.

What vaccines are recommended during pregnancy?

It is recommended that you receive a flu shot, especially in peak flu season times (September to March). However, the flu mist is NOT recommended. It is also recommended you receive a Tdap Vaccine between 27-36 weeks.

Is intercourse permissible while I am pregnant?

Typically, intercourse is permitted unless you have bleeding, ruptured membranes, or are in premature labor.  You should ask your physician, particularly if you have a high risk pregnancy.

Is smoking permissable while I am pregnant?

Please try to abstain during your entire pregnancy due to increase risk of miscarriage, premature labor, placental abruption, and still birth.

When should i go to labor and delivery?

When you are having contractions every 5 minutes for one hour, if your membranes rupture or you have
heavy bleeding, go directly to Conway Regional Medical Center (Emergency Room if less than 20 weeks, to Labor
and Delivery otherwise). The hospital will notify your physician or the physician on call if it is after hours.

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